“The Biosphere Code” and sub-channels to be implemented


Following the development of a new manifesto for algorithms in the environment, “the Biosphere Code”, we will add the term as a new channel to Value-Action Net for Futurability.  Have a look at the official outline and the guardian’s post.

The Biosphere Code is a masterpiece developed by Victor Galaz (Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University) and his colleagues.  The code appears to entail “systemisation of good conscience” set forth by Harutoshi Fukui in his novel “Mankind Fund” and its associated film “Human Trust (2013)”.

I’ll dig up a number of keywords associated with the Biosphere Code and implement it to our app., in addition to the pre-existing Planetary Boundaries channels.

In the meantime, a major update is to be applied to the app, which will enable users to view each value-action net on  more scientifically-meaningful atlas independent of Google Map. I am to upload a number of cutting-edge scientific maps such as global warming trend and state-of-the-art predictions of PCBs pollution, each of which can be identified as a sub-channel.

P.S. Some errors on our iOS version with respect to the app-twitter interface , have been reported. I have to sort it out ASAP.

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