“The Biosphere Code” (@vgalaz thebiospherecode.com) added!


Screenshot_2015-10-05-21-07-49 Screenshot_2015-10-05-21-08-50


This is to let you know that “the Biosphere Code” channel has just been tentatively added to Value-Action Net for Futurability. We have taken a number of keywords from the manifesto page and some colour conventions from the Biosphere Code. We are hoping that the Biosphere Code team will provide us with a suitable marker/icon of “BC” (preferably at a size of some 40 x 40 pixels) in the near future 🙂

The app will enable app users (among twitter users) to view a potential value-action network around the Biosphere Code, while researchers identify how the network is developed.



Dr. Itsuki C. Handoh, Associate Professor,

Centre for Research Development, Research Institute for Humanity and
Nature (RIHN)


半藤 逸樹


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