• Each and every human on planet Earth is a stakeholder of global environmental problems that are manifestations of the character of interactions between humanity and nature. Thus, it is natural to assume that each and every one of us has his/her own opinion on what ought to be the character of such interactions, and has the right and responsibility to take part in decision-making processes for our future. To this end, we have been developing an Android/iOS app called ‘Value-Action Net for Futurability’. This app is a terminal to “Consilience Cyberspace: a cyber platform embodying a co-creation between science and society towards a unity of knowledge for futurability”, which analyses environmental values that are manifested in users’ tweets. The app allows individual users to browse diversities in values, the weekly world atlas of environmental values network, and RIHN’s research activities and outcomes, and to recognise and respect how the network is developed beyond the boundaries of ethnic groups, religions, and nations. The app then enables RIHN researchers to analyse the values network transformation among a large indefinite number of stakeholders (regardless of how the conventional consensus building processes work), and to identify hotspots and network structures of present and emerging environmental problems and transdisciplinary activities, thereby leading to a considerable scientific innovation in the transdisciplinary field of Environmental Humanics of the Earth System. Therefore, ‘Value-Action Net for Futurability’ will be the first real test for a wide spectrum of stakeholders to co-create novel global environmental values and to inaugurate unprecedented, global-scale societal transformation towards futurability.

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We have been co-developing our app, ‘Value-Action Net for Futurability’, with various experts and app users.