Two new channels added to the app, and “Planetary Boundaries” channels updated.


New channels, Integrated Exposure and Effects Analysis (IEEA) and orb, have now been added to our app. Channels associated with the Planetary boundaries framework were updated to meet Planetary boundaries 2.0.

IEEA is an emerging, scientific approach that unites evaluation of the presence of the environmental contaminants and assessment of their potential effects on human and ecological health. IEEA may be a synonym for the integrated risk assessment scheme taken by a RIHN Initiative-based Feasibility Study “Co-Creating Heuristic and Autonomous Risk-Recognition System and Value-Action Networking for Futurability”, but the latter is being extended to subjective recognition of any risks in the Boundary Risk for Humanity and Nature (BRIHN) framework proposed by Baum and Handoh (2014).

“orb” appears to be an Ethereum- or Ripple-like product to be released by as a crypto currency technology venture. The orb logo has been provided by Mr. Masa Nakatsu (CoinPass CEO). Have a look at this and stay tuned!




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